On the 12th of January, I flew out to Los Angeles, California as the only African representitive to meet some of the stars from E!’s hottest shows. E! has cemented it’s place as the capital of celebrity news and reality television and I was stoked to have been chosen to meet stars such as Kris Jenner, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, Joan Rivers, Joel McHale, George Kotsiopolous and Jacqueline M Wood to name a few.

The one person who really stood out for me was Ryan Seacrest who is not only host on American Idol and E!’s Live From The Red Carpet but also a previous host of E! News. Being award season in the US, I spoke to Ryan about hosting Live From The Red Carpet. The interview appeared in the February 7 2014 issue of People Magazine South Africa.

Ryan, welcome! It’s great to meet you!

Thank you! First things first – who are you wearing? Nah… I’m only teasing. Thank you for meeting with me.

The Golden Globes kicked off the award season for you. What was the buzz like there?

The Golden Globes is always a great way to kick off the award season. It’s a very loose show and it’s the first one of the year so it’s great for people who haven’t seen each other for a long time to catch up. I am also always impressed that people are always waiting in line to talk to us because a few years ago no one really waited long.

How has the E! red carpet evolved over the years, though?

The caliber of guests on the show has improved drastically over the past few years. The look of Live From The Red Carpet is like no other show. Our show is very glamorous. We have 20 cameras shooting every possible angle from our 360 degree camera to the “mani cam” to the beautiful sweeping shops of the red carpet and no one is doing it like we’re doing it.

Live From The Red Carpet is a quick and daunting task, what do you think about moments before going on air?

I usually think about what I’m going to eat afterwards. I’m starving by the time we get off the air! Generally though we’ll go through the schedule and the list of what celebrities are attending and making sure that we have some factually correct information on them so that we have something semi-intelligent to ask them when they come up.

That would help a lot, wouldn’t it? You’re also a big star yourself. How has this affected you and are you the same Ryan as you were 10 years ago?

Well I still wear the same suit size and I’m still the same height so I do feel like the same guy. You know, it’s interesting because what I try to do is create a comfortable atmosphere for a celebrity. When I first started I was so worried that I wouldn’t know who everybody was but I have really become more comfortable with everything.

Your brand is quite extensive as you host many television and radio shows to playing executive producer. Is this something you’ve always wanted as a child?

Absolutely! I always wanted to be in broadcasting and I still love to do that and I do it every single day.

Do you have a favourite star to interview?

I love interacting with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s so down to earth and stunning and manages to be so normal when talking to her. Hugh Jackman is also the greatest guy in the world! He’s so sweet and I’m really comfortable chatting to him.

Do you get nervous when you have to interview a friend?

Some of them I know too personal so it’s not strange but I just know what they’re going to tell me. I know they will give me a good interview though!

How does your on-screen chemistry with Giuliana work so well?

I’ve known Giuliana since before we stared hosting and I think that when you have so much respect for each other like we do, it just works. Doing a lot of live television it’s not easy to find someone who can take the ball when you throw it. She’s one of the best female broadcasters in the United States.

What has been your biggest faux pas on the red carpet?

One moment I didn’t see coming was when Sacha Baron Cohen spilled Nesquick and cake mix on my suit during an interview. That was a surprise for me!

That was hilarious! Was there ever a moment where you completely blanked out on the carpet?

100%! Are you kidding? I just have to make something up. There are times when you are having a conversation and you’re hearing voices in your ear telling you what you need to do and you just have to deal with it.

What’s the best part of hosting Live From The Red Carpet?

I get to keep the tux! If that doesn’t fire you up I don’t know what will.

Lastly, what can we expect from the new season of American Idol?

I was just with the judges and I can say that this season will be exceptionally fun. There’s electricity between Keith, Jennifer and Harry that is pretty special. People who have watched the show with their families and got a laugh out of it will feel that way again this year.

Ryan and I after the interview.

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Pics Taken by E!’s Brandon Hickman at the interview in LA.