After the success of last years Comedy Central Roast of Steve Hofmeyr, the channel has pulled out all of the stops this year as they roast businessman, politician and ex-convict Kenny Kunene.

This year John Vlismas, Tumi Morake, Jack Parow, Rian van Heerden, P.J Powers, Dineo Ranaka, Somizi Mhlongo and Khanyi Mbau were seated on the roasting panel which was led by RoastMaster Jimmy Carr. The British comedian was on tour with his ‘Gagging Order’ show in South Africa and it’s great how Comedy Central managed to get him on board.

Here are 10 things you should know about the Roast.

1) The team behind the Roast have obviously never put an event together before because the planning was horrendous. There was an incredibly long line for tickets and the show was delayed by over an hour – a problem when you’re in the office at 7AM like I am.

2) Deep Fried Man opened the show with songs about how much Cape Town sucks compared to Johannesburg. Sure, the majority of the song included cussing, but hey, you’re at a roast dammit!

3) It was fantastic having someone of Jimmy Carr’s stature conducting the roast, but if I’m honest, he disappointed me a lot. Even the crowd were silent during some of his jokes… Awkes…

4) The star of the show, contrary to popular belief, was not Kenny Kunene, but Khanyi Mbau’s vagina. Sure, I expected the slut jokes but come on roasters, was there nothing else you could attack her with? Tsk tsk…

5) I was not looking forward to P.J Powers and Jacaranda FM DJ Rian Van Heerden at all, but damn did they impress me! I’ll even go out and say that Rian was my favourite roaster of the evening!

6) Everyone on the panel, including Jimmy and Kenny, were such fantastic sports. Sure, some incredibly nasty things were said but I think they got a great panel together, one that knows how to laugh at itself, and that makes for great TV!

7) The flop of the evening was definitely Jack Parow. He either didn’t remember what he had to say or couldn’t read properly but it was kind of embarrassing, I’m not going to lie… Oh and that rap he wrote… *cringes*.

8) Of course, current affairs always pop up during these sort of things so, naturally, Oscar Pistorius jokes were flying left, right and center. These jokes were highly offensive and disrespectful, but honestly, you couldn’t help but chuckle.

9) Kenny was such a fantastic sport! I loved his giggles throughout the show and it really showed just how happy he was to be there. The truth is, everyone knows Kenny and he doesn’t hide that and the fact that he is willing to laugh at himself makes him perfect for that throne he sat on. His comebacks at the end of the show were on point as well! I didn’t expect much from him but he delivered – and in a big way!

10) The last thing you guys need to know is that you can catch all of the action from the night when The Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene premieres Monday 28 April at 21:00 on DStv channel 112.

Here are some pictures from the evening:

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