Past and Future Collide.

Starring: Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy

Plot: In the near future of 2023, mutants are being hunted to extinction from the Sentinels. Professor X, Magneto, Wolverine and Storm arrive to find mutants hiding in Mongolia, where they plan to send Professor X back to 1973 to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask, which triggered the Sentinel Program. However, Wolverine volunteers to go back due to his regenerative powers, and because Professor X couldn’t physically handle going back decades. He then needs to convince a younger Charles of the happenings of the future and calls on Magneto for help. Meanwhile Mystique plans to kill Trask – a scientist looking to rid the world of mutants and the creator of the Sentinels, but is unsuccessful as William Stryker incapacitates her. Wolverine needs to get the X-Men together to save the mutants from extinction.

Remarks: I am such an X-Men nerd and I had the best time seeing old and new characters join forces in one of the franchises best film yet. The film’s storyline wasn’t the strongest in the world but the producers really put the film together exceptionally. It was great to see Wolverine back in the day before William Stryker added adamantium into his system. The film does contradict some points made in the previous film which confused me a lot but it did make the film that much more epic. Since it was an amalgamation of old and new, it allowed viewers to get a deeper understanding into Professor X, Magneto and, most importantly, Mystique. I really hope they give Jennifer Lawrence her own spin-off film and Mystique is quite a complex character. The special effects in the film were awesome as well and kept me on the edge of my seat. Definitely a must-see movie!

Rating: 4.5/5

Heaven Is For Real releases on May 23rd 2014.

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