Cashtime, a local record label, is slowly and surely becoming the ‘it’ hip-hop label and boasts stars such as K.O., Kid X and now, MTV presenter Nomuzi Mabena, who goes under the alias Moozlie. The presenter signed to the label last year and as she works on her own material, she makes her musical debut on Kid X’s new single ‘Se7en’. The track is a great way to introduce her to the scene and while the track is mostly dominated by Kid X, Moozlie jumps on board the chorus and has her own verse close to the end. The track will be a big one. Kid X made sure the beat was hot, the rap was fire and that Moozlie got her time to shine. I’m excited to see what Cashtime and Moozlie are going to come up with.

Oh, and you can download the track for free here.

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