FOX Africa has slowly been building its presence on the local scene as many of its shows, such as American Idol, Glee etc have been sold to local channel M-Net to broadcast. This week, however, the channel’s most monumental week begins as it screens new episodes of Minority Report, Empire and the anticipated new show Scream Queens first – and within 24 hours after premiering in the United States!

Minority Report

This show is based on the international blockbuster film by executive producer Steven Spielberg and is the first of his films to be adapted for television. Starring Meagan Good and Stark Sands in the leading roles, if follows the unlikely partnership between a man haunted by the future and struggling to lead a normal life and a tough idealist detective Lara Vega haunted by her past, as they race to stop the worst crimes of the year 2065 before they happen. This 13 part series is set to have sci-fi fans waiting in anticipation each week. Minority Report starts on Tuesday the 22nd of September at 20h30.

Scream Queens

Scream Queens, the Ryan Murphy’s comedy-horror anthology series features the original Scream Queen herself: Jamie Lee Curtis with a killer cast including Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Niecy Nash, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande. Emma Roberts stars alongside Curtis, also having had horror experience with Scream 4 and American Horror Story – which was also a project of Murphy’s. This series focuses on a string of college campus murders. The girls of Kappa House are dying for new pledges. But when anti-Kappa Dean Munsch decrees that sorority pledging must be open to all students, and not just the school’s silver-spooned elite, all hell is about to break loose, as a devil-clad killer begins wreaking havoc. Described by Murphy as “genre-bending,” Scream Queens will mix classic comedy elements with classic horror elements. So be prepared to scream and squeal (with laughter) at the same time. Scream Queens premieres on Wednesday the 23rd of September at 20h10.


Season one ended on a high with Lucious going to jail and Cookie rising alongside Jamal to lead the Empire whilst Hakeem and Andre were also scheming to make a grab for the Empire. Season two picks up three months after Lucious was incarcerated and realising that he won’t have much longer behind bars, Cookie and her allies make a desperate attempt for the empire. The stakes are high, sides have been chosen…all that remains is for the drama to play out. Will the family unite and learn to love each other before it’s too late? Love, war, family, sacrifice, money and music: this is the story of Empire. Empire returns on the 24th of September at 21h00.

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