She may be a newbie on the local music scene but Van T already has the country talking about her! Her new single ‘We’re Still Running’ is growing and her sound is something fresh. I caught up with the singer while she was overseas and discussed her love of music, her new album and the future.

Where did your love of music start?

I’ve always loved music. Whether it was dancing around the house, singing in the shower or trying to learn how to make it, music has always been a form of escapement and time out of mind for me.

How did you go about pursuing music as a career?

I would never have thought that music was something that would consume so much of my time doing or let alone as a career but when I started singing at shows and in a band for the first time 5 years ago and it all sort of spiraled from there. Something about performing live and being able to be captivated by creating various sounds using my voice or instruments has got me in the lock down. It feels almost as though music itself drew me in.

You’ve just released ‘We’re Still Running’. What inspired the track?

The track marks as the mid-point on the album and is from a phase of stuck illusion I was in. The journey of the album for me at least moves from a space of darkness to light and this song represents the breaking point or the turn around. But I’d have the listener draw their own meaning. To me the feeling conveyed is more important.

Which track off the new album means the most to you?

A very tough one to answer as each song comes from a very raw honest place. But i think as far as the journey goes Trouvez Moi is most present at this time.

As a new female singer entering the local music scene, what makes you different from the other artists?

I’m not sure. I haven’t been very observant or intentionally trying to do something because it’s different from other artists. I’ve just been trying to stay true to what exactly it is I want to create.

What do you want your listeners to take away when listening to the album?

I’d like them to feel like they’ve been taken on journey. But I think i actually just want my listeners to feel or relate whether it’s to one song or the album as a whole. Each song has its own intention and feeling.

You were recently overseas playing some shows. How do you prepare yourself before the show? D

Every show is different depending on how much time I have before but I guess a silly thing I feel like I have to do minutes before I play is take a time out somewhere jump or shake around sometimes some stretching or just dancing in the bathroom and then standing to breathe. I like feeling the most relaxed I can before playing so that I can be as present as possible.

What can we expect from you in the next few months?

I’ll be traveling for the next few months, which for me is very exciting. News places to play and people to meet. I’m seeing where the album will go and will be bringing out the first music video for a song off the album very soon while I’m on the road.

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