My mom is obsessed with The Fixer. A friend told her at a recent gathering that she is so excited the fifth season premieres on TV soon and that she’s been waiting months to see how the story progresses. So, naturally, my mom decided to catch the premiere episode of the fifth season and it’s all she can talk about these days. If you’re like my mom and I, every time you fall in love with a new TV show, it’s the main topic of discussion around anyone who will listen. I, however, have not been watching with her.

Much like anyone these days, my mom doesn’t watch The Fixer when it premieres on M-Net. She, instead, watches it on her own time once it’s been uploaded to Catch-Up. Therefore, I suggested we use my ShowMax account and start streaming the show from the first season. Sure, I could have bought the DVDs but at only R99 a month, it’s cheaper, saves me the hassle of going to the store and I don’t need to keep the box sets once I’m done. However, my mom chose against this. It could be that she wanted to be involved in the conversations she has with her friends, but I think the thought of SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) scares her.

Sure, the internet is an overwhelming place but it should be exciting, not scary. Therefore, in today’s post I thought I’d give a quick explanation on what SVOD is and why I choose ShowMax over its competitors. SVOD is a simple thing. It allows users to access a wide range of content for a flat monthly fee. Unlike the traditional route, these TV users have full control of what they want to watch, when they want to watch the content and in most cases, how they want to watch it too. Therefore, for only R99 per month, I can stream the very first episode of The Fixer straight onto my device. It’s that easy.

Now, there are a few other SVOD services out there at the moment but ShowMax has made me a loyal member. Not only does the service give me access to over 12,000 hours of content but the content ranges from the best movies and series, talk shows, documentaries and even local programming. Still confused about ShowMax? Anele Mdoda helps clear things up in this awesome video:

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