Ellie Goulding
Delirium (Deluxe) (Universal Music)

Breakdown: She’s got one of the most unique voices in pop music and after a short break, Ellie Goulding has finally dropped her third studio album ‘Delirium’. The album includes the smash hit ‘On My Mind’ and the brand new single ‘Something In The Way You Move’.

How Many Good Tracks: 16 of the 22.

What I Liked: Anything Ellie touches is brilliant and that is definitely the case with ‘Delirium’. The album is one of the most solid pop releases of the past few months. Not only does Ellie sound better than she ever has, but she has written big, bold pop tracks – many which have the potential to become hits if chosen as singles. Dubstep has always been a big part of Ellie’s music and although she strays a bit from the sound on this record, Ellie still gives her audience exactly what they want. Ellie is a brilliant songwriter and each and every song takes the audience on a journey. The album is exactly the direction I saw Ellie going and I have no doubt that this album will give her more hits than she has ever had.

What I Didn’t Like: Ellie succumbed to the mainstream on this album. Although I like the direction she took, I would have liked a few songs which were more artistic rather than generic. Ones that pushed boundaries. That being said, I see myself listening to this album a lot over the next few months.

Best Track: Aftertaste

Rating: 4/5

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