Alex Caige is a character. Really. I love the chemistry he adds to 947 Drive hosted by the amazing Anele Mdoda. It’s really easy to work with someone on radio when shoved together as seen on many shows on other stations (I’ll keep the names to myself) but when two people really click, magic happens. What I love about Anele and Alex’s show is that they’re not afraid to make fools out of themselves in order to make good radio. Sure, the show has some topical conversations, live music but recently, Anele and the 947 team have been sending Alex to do some weird-ass things – and, naturally, he owned them! These were some of my favourites:

That Time He Went On The Worst Date Ever!

Anele knows exactly what Alex loves and loathes in a woman – and played this to the advantage of the viewers back home. This prank really made me laugh so hard.

That Time He Thought His Car Had Been Damaged

There must be a special kind of hell for the developers of ‘Dude, Your Car’ app. But hey, it made for some good laughs when the 947 team used it on Alex!

That Time He Went Pillow-Fighting With The Public

Lol! This sounds like such a silly skit but watching it all play out is so funny!

That Time He Played Bean Boozled

Alex actually makes this game look super fun!

That Time He Twerked In Public

I’m sorry. There is absolutely no excuse for this!

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