Davif Beckham H&M 2016

Good news for David Beckham fans! The football star has just launched his brand new 2016 Modern Essentials collection at H&M! The collection will be hitting South African stores on Thursday and customers are in for a treat! To celebrate, the star appears in a fantastic new ad for the clothing brand which is dedicated to bringing it’s customers the best clothing at the most reasonable prices.

David has always been a style leader in the mens fashion world. From his days at Manchester United, David had pushed boundaries when it came to his hair, clothing and overall appearance and since then, he has become a style icon for many. As the new range launches into stores this week, David chats about his new collection and how he believes H&M is changing the face of men’s fashion.

How do you feel about the Spring 2016 Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham collection?

It’s always great when I get to choose the new season’s pieces from the Modern Essentials collection, because it’s a chance for me to see how I can update my wardrobe in the months to come. I love how menswear is always evolving, and how classic pieces are updated and new traditions are born.

What are you looking for when you select the pieces?

For me it’s all about style, and those pieces that you know will immediately help you look your best. I know there are men like me around the world who love to refresh their look each season. They’re going to be able to find everything they need in this new Modern Essentials collection.

Davif Beckham H&M 2016

What’s different about this new Spring 2016 collection?

When I was choosing the pieces, I was thinking about how important sportswear and casualwear has become for men today. Tailoring is still the ultimate, and there are some great suits in this collection, but pieces like zip-up jackets and sweatshirts are becoming just as important, and can look just as sharp.

Which are your favourite pieces?

The navy cotton zip-up jacket is a piece that every man should own. It’s so easy to wear, and I love how it has the heritage of a great menswear piece, but is also really new and modern. It’s just what I like in menswear, something that I can wear over and over again so that it becomes part of my own personal style.

Can you tell us about the tailoring in the collection?

This beige suit is so great for spring. Some people think tailoring is formal and serious, but this suit will make you feel good as soon as you put it on. It’s really crisp, and looks dressed up while also being a bit more informal. I’ve also chosen a navy suit for the collection, and it’s great to have the choice of both.

Davif Beckham H&M 2016

What do you like about the textured sweatshirt?

This is one of my favourite pieces, because it’s such a clever update on a sportswear classic. It’s got this amazing texture to it so it’s like it crinkles and ripples when you wear it. It’s such a subtle detail, and it comes in a really cool stone colour. It’s a piece I can’t wait to wear.

Why is the poloshirt so important in the collection?

I’m so happy to have it in the collection. Poloshirts are one of my favourite garments, because they always make me think of the style of my hometown, London. This one is really sharp, with a little detail on the slim collar, to make it fresh and different. It’s such a useful piece that I’ll wear dressed-up under a suit, with the zip-up jacket, or when the weather warms up, on its own.

Can you talk about the pants you’ve chosen? They’re very different – both tailored and joggers.

I like to have different options in my wardrobe, and to change up my look when I feel like it. These tailored pants are great and are perfect to wear with something more casual, like the poloshirt, to make the look more sartorial. The smart joggers are so good, because you can look sharp in something that’s so easy to wear.

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