Dineo Ranaka

Fans of Dineo Ranaka’s hit show ‘Dineo’s Diary’ will be thrilled to know that the show is returning for a fifth season. The outspoken, witty and glamorous queen of reality TV will be bringing her show back to Vuzu AMP this April and we can, reportedly, expect the best season yet!

This season, Dineo says her fans can expect a more “centered self” as she goes down the road to self-discovery and “truly unearth her core.” Dineo has also decided to set more boundaries with certain people in her life and she tries to balance work and her personal life. “I am no longer confused, I am content with the woman I have become, flaws and all,” says Dineo. According to M-Net, this season we see more of Dineo’s motherly side, her being more sensitive, considerate and grown up, although it would not be Dineo’s Diary without a consistent dose of drama.

M-Net Local Entertainment’s Head of Reality, Sphumelele Sibeko affirms that the channel continues to enjoy and explore its already established talents, “we truly believe Dineo is a gem, she is accessible and real, most of all, she is a talented woman whom a range of young adults can relate to. While this season offers something different, it promises to be just as entertaining, exciting and dramatic as ever.”

Dineo’s Diary will return to Vuzu AMP on Monday 11 April at 19h00 with an exciting new look. I, for one, am excited to see what she gets up to this time around.

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