If there’s one collaboration we thought would never in a million years come to light it would be British drum and bass duo Sigma and British boy-band Take That. Sigma have become one of the hottest dance acts at the moment and they decided to do something different this time around, and getting Take That on board just before their 25th anniversary was a fantastic idea.

The track, titled Cry, sees both artists coming together in a place that is outside both comfort zones. The sound is still distinctly drum and bass but still has a very commercial, pop sound to it – one which Take That have made incredibly popular since they reformed back in 2005. The song is very soulful. Gary Barlow’s vocals are bold and strong and the strings really shine. It’s an interesting track that is bound to become a hit for both groups.

“We met about two years ago at the BBC Music Awards and they were interested in maybe doing something then but our schedules didn’t really work out at that time. Last year was hectic with loads of releases and the timing never worked,” Sigma’s Cameron Edwards reveals. “It just so happens that there was a tune floating around that we had been involved with which they did a version of. They sent it to us, we really liked what they did and the rest is history!” We predict this will be a song that will be all over our radio in the next few weeks.

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