Last month I headed out on an adventure of a lifetime. Being in the entertainment industry, our Mecca of sorts is Los Angeles. I’ve been there before for a few in-and-out work trips but this time, I was fully there to explore. The one thing that I have always wanted to go to is Universal Studios there. Not only is there a kick-ass theme park and city walk, but it plays host to some of our favourite sitcoms and reality shows. So, I did it and I’ve put together a list of my five attractions that really stood out. Check it out:

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter


The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter opened it’s doors at the Orlando Universal Studios branch back in 2014 but officially opened at the California branch in April this year. It’s exquisite. There is so much attention to detail here from the incredible Hogwarts castle to the stores, merchandise and the rides. In fact, the Harry Potter theme park ride is the best theme park ride I have ridden in my entire life! Everything about this place is perfect.



If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you will go crazy when you enter Springfield. The folks at Universal Studios recreated the town perfectly and it almost feels as if you’re a part of the show. There is also a special 3D Simpsons ride which feels so real despite being animated. Definitely a highlight.

The Studio Tour

You can’t go to Universal Studios and not do the studio tour – especially since you’re in Hollywood! The tour takes you around the lot and shows you a few of the sound stages, how street scenes are filmed, how water scenes are filmed and sets from films such as War of the Worlds. The tour is educational but fun as well and includes two 3D shows as well as this epic demonstration of flash floods. Totally a highlight.

There’s Something For The Kids. Obviously.

despicable me 2

Sure, Universal Studios could be a place where adults explore their inner child – and yes, there are a few rides that may a bit scary for kids. However, there are plenty attractions to keep the little ones busy. From 4D Shrek shows to a Minion attraction and many more. The kids will be entertained for hours and it makes for a fun family outing.

The Universal CityWalk


Just outside the studios is the famous Universal CityWalk. It’s a busy strip that offers a variety of shops, restaurants and cinemas for your entertainment. At night, it lights up in tons of neon lights that reminds me a lot of Las Vegas. There are a whole bunch of shops to explore and some really delicious restaurants including Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp and many more. Luckily, the Universal CityWalk is usually open long after the park has closed because you’ll be spending quite a bit of time here.

If you’re heading out to Los Angeles anytime soon, your trip won’t be complete without a trip to Universal Studios. Trust me.

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