I’ve had my eye on local rapper Aewon Wolf for months and with every new release he impresses me more and more. The rapper, who is part of the famous Wolfpack, has just dropped his new single, ‘They’. The song was produced by long-time collaborator Sketchy Bongo and is exactly the song the rapper needed to stand out from the crowd.

Aewon follows the international trend of honest, personal lyrics paired with a melodic chorus and effortlessly delivers a fantastic hip-hop track. The rapper spits some amazing verses here and has a sort of crossover appeal that is bound to make him popular with many music lovers across the country. Sketchy Bongo does a really good job on the production side of things and keeps showing just how versatile he is as a producer – something that impresses us time and time again.

The rapper shot an epic video to accompany the track and we’re glad to see that he is putting the time and effort into his music. He has a strategy and it’s really playing in his favour. We think Aewon has the potential to become one of the best rappers in the country. The new single is incredible and we’re excited to see him blossom. Here’s hoping he drops an album sooner rather than later. Remember to support local music and buy the song on iTunes.


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