Last week I was invited by the lovely folk at the Idwala Boutique Hotel in Northcliff to come and spend a night and enjoy all that the hotel has to offer. If you know me, you know how much I love time away so this was something I was really excited about. So off I went and, naturally, I scribbled a few things down about my stay there.

The Location

The Idwala Boutique Hotel is nestled super close to Cresta Shopping Center and although it’s a rather central place, it feels as if I’ve travelled an hour or so out of Jozi. It’s quiet, peaceful and cozy – everything one looks for when planning a trip out of town, right? So basically, you get the feeling of being away but you’re still in and around your city. Convenient, eh?

The Hotel

This is a boutique hotel so, naturally, a lot of time, money and effort has been spent making sure your stay is everything you want it to be. The hotel has been awarded a five-star rating – and it’s clear why. Firstly, the reception and dining area is beautifully set out. There is a small pool to enjoy on a hot day, a spa and an amazing Boma area to spend a chilly winter evening. I’m not going to lie, I spent a good few hours sitting by the fire, sipping wine and enjoying good conversation. Other than that, there’s not much to do at the hotel. However, there are some awesome attractions in the area.

Idwala 3

The Room

Okay, the rooms are perfect. The one thing many people look out for when they go away is a sleep in a good hotel bed. Well, this one is magnificent. As I got in, I sunk into the most comfortable mattress which was covered in crisp, clean sheets. The room was a decent size and was filled with everything you would expect – TV, aircon, a safe, coffee/tea area, couches, mirrors, wifi etc. However, it was the bathroom that blew me away! A huge tub, bigger shower, candles, fancy soap and gowns. The hotel makes sure freshly baked biscuits and a mini bottle of Amarula is available for each guest just before bed time and that small touch adds so much to the visitor’s experience.

Idwala 2

The Service

The service was phenomenal, however, I did feel that the hotel was under-staffed. Breakfast and dinner took forever to arrive and I think the waiters were overwhelmed by the number of people we had in our party. To their defense, we were quite a big crowd so I do get serving a table of 14 doesn’t usually happen at boutique hotels. That being said, each and every staff member was a delight and made my stay so much more enjoyable.

Idwala 4

The Food

Although the service may be slow, it’s well worth it! The food at the restaurant is of the finest quality. Not only do they have some delicious bread, but they also have some great options for both dinner and breakfast. Sure, the menu is limited but there is something for everyone. I had delicious Springbok carpaccio and a steak with pumpkin mash for dinner and a fresh fruit platter for breakfast. The courses were served beautifully and I felt like I was at a fine dining establishment. I was pleasantly surprised here.

I had a great evening away at the Idwala Boutique Hotel and I can’t wait to make my way back there. It’s something that will definitely happen sooner rather than later.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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