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Review: KONGOS - Egomaniac
4.0Overall Score


Egomaniac (Just Music)

Breakdown: South African rockers, KONGOS, have come out of hiding and have finally released their third studio album ‘Egomaniac’. The lead single off the album, ‘Take It From Me’, has done tremendous things on both South African and international charts around the world as band release the record through Epic Records globally.

How Many Good Tracks: 10 of the 13.

What I Liked: The band give their fans exactly what they want this time around. The pop tracks are laced with many rock, electronic and folk elements and their signature accordion sound is evident throughout the record. The band has explored a variety of sub-genres on the album and has recorded a rather diverse record. Lyrically, the band is stronger than ever and they have also worked on their vocals a lot during the four-year period between albums. The production is some of the best I have ever heard and all the blood, sweat and tears definitely paid off. This is a solid album from the band which will keep you entertained from start to finish.

What I Didn’t Like: The heavy rock and African elements work at certain points on the record but it also gets rather confusing and the band’s identity comes into question.

Best Track: I Want It Free

Rating: 4/5

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