Afrikaans rapper, Snotkop, is back with yet another of his signature tongue-in-cheek albums. The new record ‘HKGK’ dropped earlier this month and the singer decided to switch things up with the album’s lead single ‘Cool Soos Koos Kombuis’. The record is Snotkop’s first since he released ‘Soos n’ Boss’ back in 2014.

‘Cool Soos Koos Kombuis’ is Snotkop like we’ve never seen him before. We know Snotkop for his hilarious raps but this time around, he brings something more melodic to the table. Not only does the song not feature any sort of rap at all, it also shows that the singer is able to take on the pop scene as well. What’s really impressive about the song is its simple yet clever lyrics. Snotkop has always been a great songwriter but we’ve never seen it clearer than with this single. What I like about the song is that it speaks to confidence issues many around the world have. The song has the potential to be his biggest single yet and we’re really enjoying the new sound he is exploring.

Snotkop also dropped an epic video to the track. Shot on the Pretville set in Hartbeespoort and in and around Cape Town, the video tells a lovely story, has some great visual shots and, naturally, has a cameo by Koos Kombuis himself! “I really needed to have Koos Kombuis in the video,” Snotkop told us. “I hadn’t met him prior to the day on set. I sent him an email with the song attached, and minutes later he replied saying he would love to be in the video. When I met him on set I was a little star-struck but as we started chatting I realised why I wrote the song. He is so cool.” The track appears on Snotkop’s new album ‘HKGK’ which is available now in stores around the country and on iTunes.

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