He changed the landscape of the local music industry during his early days as part of the legendary group Teargas and made waves once again with his debut solo album Skhanda Republic. In fact, that album scored K.O a South African Music Award. Now, the rapper has started working on his upcoming second studio album and he’s dropped a brand new single titled Korruption – and fans are freaking out!

K.O has done a complete 180 with this track. With the rise in popularity in trap music, K.O has decided to explore more of this genre this time around – and does a great job at it. The beat is fire and the chorus stays with the audience long after the song is over. K.O delivers a great rap and proves to the haters that he is one of the greatest musicians in the country at the moment with his music.

Naturally, with change comes discomfort and there were a few mixed reactions to the new single. “Thanks Emtee now every rapper is trynna trap, the only problem is trap is not for everyone, K.O lost it,” one fan said on Twitter. Another said “OG’s are gettin complacent & forget they have to be the STANDARD in the game, cos this #KOrruption track is TRASH bruh.” We, however, commend K.O for taking risks and playing outside of his comfort zone. It’s musicians like him who will make a mark on the industry and be remembered for their fearlessness and individuality. Support local music by buying this song on iTunes.

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