The talent from the first season of The Voice South Africa has been exceptional. So exceptional, in fact, that Universal Music has signed not one but 10 acts from the season to its label. After releasing tracks from winner Richard Stirton and runner-up Gavin Edwards, it’s time for finalist Jono Johansen to shine as he drops his debut single ‘Cracks In The Pavement’.

The song is a powerful, emotional single and is the perfect introduction to star. Jono wrote a beautiful song which comes from a personal space. That emotion shines through the song and the message is something many are able to identify with. I’m glad he decided to explore the AC genre. Jono’s voice has a lot of depth and it’s great to hear him explore this in his debut single.

Jono also released a beautiful video to the single and has brought the song full circle. I think this song and video is proof that there is a layer to Jono we haven’t seen yet and that there will be a whole lot of surprises on his debut album. The singer has released a fantastic debut single and I’m really excited to witness his journey. Remember to support local music by buying this song on iTunes today.

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