Local Ska group Grassy Spark have had a great 2016. They signed a deal with the Gallo Record Company and started work on their debut album ‘Portal’ which drops on iTunes and Apple Music today. To promote the album, the band has chosen ‘Here I Am’ as the next single off the project. This single is hot off the heels of their debut single ‘Living In A Paradise’ which features the incredible Jeremy Loops.

Many regard Grassy Spark as one of the best live acts in the country. So, it’s no surprise that the instrumentals on the track are out of this world. The song is catchy and has the potential to become a hit. The fact that they’re a seven-piece band is something incredibly unique, however, this doesn’t really translate into their music. While I do think ‘Here I Am’ is a good song, it’s not that different from the many radio hits the genre has produced. I would really like to see the group step out of their comfort zone a bit more and take a risk or two with their music.

Despite this, there is something really attractive about the song. Its feel-good vibe makes for the perfect to kick-start the weekend and has instantly put me in a good mood. The band also shot an epic video for the track which is probably the most aesthetically pleasing video’s I’ve seen in a very long time. “’Here I Am’ tells the story of a narrative existing within every single person. It carries the message of overcoming one’s doubts and obstacles and taking that first step forward towards achieving one’s dreams,” explains front man, Josh Riley. The release of your debut album is always an incredibly nerve-wracking thing and I wish the boys all the success going forward. Do the right thing and get your copy of ‘Portal’ on iTunes today.

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