He brought the country, and coach Bobby Van Jaarsveld, to tears on the first season of The Voice South Africa earlier this year and was even watched and tweeted by Ashton Kutcher. Now, after signing to Universal Music South Africa, blind singer Vernon Barnard has dropped his debut single. The track, titled ‘I Like It That Way’ serves as the lead single off his upcoming debut album and is the perfect introduction to Vernon as a solo artist.

The song is a lovely mid-tempo pop track with subtle hints of country and is the exact sound I hoped Vernon would dabble in when he released his own material. Everything from the production to the lyrics is simple and I think it’s this simplicity that allows Vernon to deliver a strong vocal performance. The song is about a special lady who captures Vernon’s heart through her unique style and I think many young listeners will be able to relate to the song. The track is a strong debut from the singer and I was pleasantly surprised with the great single choice to introduce him to his fans after completing his stint on The Voice South Africa.

“I’m so excited to share my debut with the South African public! This single is a feel good song and a good mixture of catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics and I hope everyone will enjoy listening to the song just as much as I enjoyed making it,” says the young singer. Vernon also dropped an awesome music video for the track which shows Vernon and his band hijacking a broadcast tower and broadcasting their song out to the world. The song finds its way onto the phone of a young lady who’s feeling down and throughout the course of the video, she gets more and more uplifted by the song. She travels through the city trying to find where the signal is coming from and eventually finds the band performing on a secluded roof top. This is a strong debut from the artist. I love the direction he has chosen to explore and I’m more excited than ever for his debut album.

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