Review: Dan + Shay - Obsessed
2.5Overall Score

Dan + Shay
Obsessed (Warner Music)

Breakdown: They’re the hottest suo in country music at the moment and after the success of their debut album, Dan + Shay are back with their highly-anticipated follow-up record ‘Obsessed’. The album’s lead single, ‘From The Ground Up’ shot to the top of the American country airplay charts and set the perfect tone for the album.

How Many Good Tracks: 5 of the 10.

What I Liked: Lyrically, this is an incredibly strong album. Each track sees the duo dig deep into their souls and they tell a story in each and every song. The album is incredibly romantic and there is definitely a wedding song or two on the album. The duo have pleasant vocals which complement each other nicely which goes well with their radio-friendly material.

What I Didn’t Like: This is as generic of a country album as you can get. Songs about road trips and whisky are laced with the sound of banjos. While the songs aren’t bad, the album lacks a lot of originality and almost sounds like it should be the soundtrack to the TV show ‘Nashville’. The duo have something special but they seem a little lost – and you can hear that in their music.

Best Track: Already Ready

Rating: 2.5/5

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