After Cyprian Ndlovu announced that he is leaving Club 808 earlier this year, revealed that the popular Lawrence Maleka will step in as the show’s new host alongside the beautiful Boity Thulo. Lawrence makes his debut on’s popular music show this Friday and we get up close and personal with the star ahead of his big debut.

“I’m very excited about joining the and Club 808 teams. One of my first gigs in the industry was hosting a music show where Boity was a frequent guest, so we go way back,” Lawrence says on joining the hit show. “We argue about music a lot. We have fun together and I see this opportunity as more of a professional hangout than a job. I must say I am the envy of a lot of men for working with Boity on a weekly basis and I will take great pride in rubbing it in their faces.”

The 27-year-old has hosted a variety of other shows such as Lotto Powerball Draw, however, for the first time, Lawrence will be presenting a show which represents a huge passion of his – music. When asked where his passion for music stems from, the presenter reveals that “My passion for music is influenced greatly by my father, later in the years I’ve grown very fond of the many different ways that this artistry called music is interpreted and translated.”

So, it’s no wonder that Lawrence is excited about joining the Club 808 team. “I’ve always been a fan of popular culture and I’ve wanted to engage with it for the longest time,” Lawrence tells us. “Club 808 is the perfect platform for me to do so. Viewers can expect me to do what I always strive to do; the best I can. I hope to use my knowledge of the local music industry to give Club 808 fans the inside track. Club 808 is a show that really stands out because it is youthful and vibrant, has a healthy balance of local and international stars and it is an open conversation on music, trends and culture”

As mentioned, Lawrence is a huge fan of music and local music in particular strikes a chord with him. He makes it a part of his everyday life. “South African music is doing big things at the moment. I think acts such as GOODLUCK are amazing, AKA is consistency in making quality music and Cassper Nyovest is pushing the status quo,” he tells us. “I love how acts such as The Soil and Mashayabhuqe Kamamba are reinvigorating the ethnic sound of our people and culture in today’s time as well as what acts such as Goldfish and Black Coffee are doing on the dance side of things.”

Lawrence makes his big Club 808 debut this Friday at 18h00 on