English singer Dua Lipa made quite an impact earlier this year when she released her banging single ‘Hotter Than Hell’. The track put the star on the map and ahead of the release of her upcoming self-titled debut album in February, the singer has released the next single off the record – a track called ‘Blow Your Mind (Mwah)’.

The track is another dose of pop perfection from the star. I think Dua Lipa has one of the most interesting voices in pop music at the moment and does a great job bringing it out on the new single. Although the track is weak lyrically, it’s got a damn catchy chorus and an incredible production that will make it stand out from other tracks on radio right now. I also really enjoyed the bombastic feel the song has and it’s epic percussions. Sure, the track may not be perfect, but it’s got all the right ingredients to become a commercial smash.

“The song is about being yourself and not listening to someone who tells you to change in order to fit a certain criteria,” the singer explains. “It’s basically saying, ‘if you let me be who I’m meant to be, I’ll surprise you for the better. I’m here to blow your mind.’” The song has a great message and it’s the perfect follow-up track from Dua Lipa. This is definitely going to be on repeat for the next few weeks.

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