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Review: Skillet - Unleashed
3.0Overall Score

Unleashed (Warner Music)

Breakdown: American Christian rock group, Skillet, are back with their new album ‘Unleashed’. The album is the 10th release from the group – an incredible moment for any artist – and includes the lead single ‘Feel Invincible’.

How Many Good Tracks: 7 of the 12.

What I Liked: Skillet, for a long time, has been able to blend their love of rock music and Christianity together to create some incredible music. Not only is their music inspiring, but it’s also something entirely different from other tracks topping rock charts around the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that ‘Unleashed’ has some beautifully written songs. Songwriting is the band’s strongpoint. They create music that truly speaks to the listener and we believe that that is what the power of music is about. The band delivers an epic vocal performance which will please both hardcore and softer rock fans.

What I Didn’t Like: The only thing I didn’t enjoy there was the band’s lack of originality. The songs and ideas behind the songs have remained consistent over the past few years and I would have liked to see the band shake things up a bit. Although they do what they do well, the album does tend to get predictable and boring towards the end.

Best Track: Stars

Rating: 3/5

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