After releasing his fantastic record ‘The Book of Chad’ earlier this year, Chad Da Don has made some pretty important career changes. One of these changes includes signing to Locnville’s record label Contrabanned. The move is unsurprising as the two acts have made hits before. Now, as Chad starts work on his upcoming album, the rapper has dropped a brand new single called ‘Hold On You which features Locnville and producer Djenga.

There is great chemistry between Chad and Locnville – and it shows in their music. The rapper steps outside of his comfort zone a little bit with this song and I really admire that. Not only is it more melodic but the song is also sung over a banging dance beat. Djenga, who produced the track, did a fantastic job. The deep, hard beats will ensure that this will be a smash in clubs across the country and, funnily enough, almost meets each act halfway creatively which is exactly what collaboration is about.

I’m really stoked about Chad’s signing with Contrabanned. Locnville have a fantastic vision for music that makes the stand out and I think the Chad and the duo have a few surprises up their sleeve. While I dig the dance element in the track, I do hope the rapper gives us some straight-up hip-hop soon as well. Congrats on this release, boys.

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