Review: Josh Wantie - Paper Crown
3.5Overall Score

Josh Wantie
Paper Crown (Gallo Record Company)

Breakdown: Durban has been showing off its talent in a big way over the past few months. Acts such as DBN Nyts, Kyle Deutsch and Gangs of Ballet have been doing incredibly well and now, Josh Wantie is flying the flag high. The singer has just released his debut EP ‘Paper Crowns’ which features the smash hits ‘Go Under’ and ‘Fall Again’.

How Many Good Tracks: 4 of the 6.

What I Liked: Josh is fantastic at giving pop music an edgy twist. Although an EP, Josh gives us an indication of who he is an artist and the response has been phenomenal. The singer has taken the time to ensure that his introduction is strong and makes an impact – and he has managed to do just that. The production on the album is insane. Josh experimented with many sounds and influences. Each song has layers of different sounds and it’s really incredible to see how they come together to create a fantastic piece of music. The singer impressed me with the lyrics as well. The almost poetic tracks are deep, raw and emotional yet are still catchy enough to succeed on commercial level. This is a great introduction to Josh as an artist. He sounds great and I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing big things from him in the next few years.

What I Didn’t Like: The EP is a little too dark and almost too calculated at times. I would like to see Josh let loose a little bit more going forward. Josh also needs to put a bit more of himself into the music. While the songs are fantastic, his personality fails to shine through at parts.

Best Track: Fall Again

Rating: 3.5/5

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