Snotkop is up to his crazy shenanigans again. After the release of the incredible ‘Cool Soos Koos Kombuis’ earlier this year, the rapper dropped his new album ‘HKGK’ which has already achieved gold status. Now, the rapper has dropped the second single off the project – a track called ‘Hoe Lykit’ – and it’s exactly the kind of track you would expect from the star.

Snotkop is known for his tongue-in-cheek take on pop music and this track is just another example of how well he does this. The song is about a simple, yet beautiful girl who isn’t chasing expensive brands and other frills. The girl is also a stunner which is why Snotkop wants to see her ‘naked’. The song is one of the stronger songs off the record so it’s no surprise that this is the next single off the project. The lyrics are cheesy, production on point and it’ll definitely make you laugh. Snotkop also released a hilariously sexy video for the track which has been banned from playing on TV! This is the perfect track to start your week with.

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