Afrikaans pop star, Leah, has been one of the most consistent South African artists of the last year. She released her debut album ‘Wonderwerk’ last year which saw her win Beste Nuweling at this year’s Ghoema Awards. Now, as she released the deluxe edition of her highly successful debut album, Leah has released her brand new single ‘Jou Liefde’.

The song is another exceptional piece of pop music from the star. Leah dropped a catchy track that is almost reminiscent of something Taylor Swift would release. The production is simple which allows the singer to put her full vocal range on display without many interruptions. The song is current, funky and is bound to be yet another smash hit for the star. Leah also dropped a really cute video for the song as well. ‘Jou Liefde’ is another hit for Leah and a song she should be proud of.

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