He won the hearts of thousands around the country during the first season of The Voice South Africa which, ultimately, put a whole lot of pressure on Richard Stirton as the country waited with bated breath for the star to release his debut album ‘Middle Ground’. The project’s lead single ‘What Tears Me The Most’ did well on the local charts and now, Richard has just released the album’s follow-up single ‘Break The Silence’.

The song further cements Richard’s acoustic pop sound, however, this track has subtle reggae influences which not only keeps things interesting, but fits in perfectly with the sound Richard has been creating for himself. The song isn’t overshadowed by big beats and a heavy production and is almost as if Richard is singing directly to the person listening to the song. The acoustics also allow Richard to put his vocal skills on display as he goes in and out of falsetto effortlessly. ‘Break The Silence’ is an honest piece of work. The emotion is heard throughout the song and the song is written beautifully. The song’s catchy chorus could see this song becoming another radio hit for the singer.

Richard dropped his debut album earlier this month and revealed that his journey on The Voice South Africa helped him release the best piece of work possible. “The Voice and the experiences opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects of music, the writing process being one of them. It helped me to deliver a diverse, emotive and honest album,” Richard reveals. “I think it shows a range of what I can do but also stays true to who I am and the kind of sound I want to be associated with. The messages of the songs are honest and true and the efforts put in by everyone involved are aligned with this. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to record this debut album, with the people I have worked with and the product that has been created as a result.” Support local music by buying the album on iTunes or in store today.

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