Local pop star, Michael Lowman, has been keeping a low profile since packing up and moving to Cape Town recently. However, although being in the Mother City, it seems it’s been all work and no play for the star who has been recording his highly anticipated sophomore album. Now, we’ve finally got a taste of some new music as he drops the record’s debut single ‘Mixtape’ featuring Karlien Van Jaarsveld.

Michael admits that ‘Mixtape’ was written towards the end of last year and was a song that almost poured out of him. The song is something different from Michael and is about a particular feeling between two people in love. A new, daredevil, high school kind of love – something he hopes many listeners will be able to relate to. “MixTape is, without a doubt, firmly routed in 80s pop music inspiration. I’m a sucker for great melody, crystal synth lines and huge reverb. I wanted to write a big Pop song containing all these elements. It came together perfectly.” Michael says about the song’s creation.

The singer tapped Afrikaans music sensation, Karlien Van Jaarsveld, on the song as the two effortlessly blend their vocals, giving the song an edge to stand out from the crowd. Michael and Karlien have incredibly chemistry, musically, and I love how the two feed off and uplift each other throughout the song. “Mixtape is one of the most exciting songs I have heard in a long time! I am honoured that Michael asked me to do vocals on the song. When I first heard the song, I was blown away. It took me back to a time when young boys and girls ran carefree, ruling the world with wild hearts, and I knew I had to get involved,” Karlien said on her involvement on the track. “Michael is extremely talented and professional, so it was an absolute pleasure working with him and I am so excited for the world to hear the song!”

As mentioned, the track serves as the lead single off Michael’s upcoming album – one he is excited for the world to hear. Naturally, Michael has done a lot of growing up and this has definitely translated into his music. “I’ve come such a long way since my last album release – Crayon Boxes – in every possible way. My writing, my singing, my playing, my mind-set… everything seems to have clicked all at once,” Michael admits. “I’m also completely independent as an artist, which has been something I’ve wanted for a long time now. I have complete control over all aspects of my art. You’re about to hear Michael Lowman as was always intended. It’s been a journey getting here, but it’s been worth it. Mixtape is the perfect track to ease my current fan-base into my new headspace.”

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