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Review: GOODLUCK - The Nature Within
3.5Overall Score

GOODLUCK is easily one of the best acts in South Africa at the moment. Over the past 12 months, the group has released smash hit singles such as “Back In The Day”, “Thinking About You”, “Kota” and the new single “Find Me In The Forest” while working on their highly-anticipated third album “The Nature Within.”

The group has always stood out of the crowd in a very saturated market and each of their albums has had a distinct sound – one they seem to change slightly with every release. So, with the rise in popularity of tropical house, it’s no surprise that the group has chosen to explore this genre this time around.

As an artist, taking risks in your music not only keeps your audience interested, but it’s also necessary for artistic growth. GOODLUCK took many risks on this record and, as always, some worked and some didn’t.

The production is something that really stands out on this body of work. The album is influenced by many African and South American sounds. The songs are immaculately constructed and are filled with a variety of large, bold beats, funky basslines and many smaller sounds that give the songs depth and perspective which makes this an incredibly interesting album to listen to. Vocally, Jules sounds better than ever and seems to have mastered the use of her soothing vocals perfectly to the style and sound the group has created this time around.

Unfortunately, the group has always led the pack with their take on electronic music, however, this time around, GOODLUCK seem to be heavily influenced by the EDM phenomena that has taken over dance music around the world. Many of the tracks seem to follow a similar recipe both vocally and instrumentally and almost become predictable halfway through the album.

Despite this, GOODLUCK could not have released this album at a better time. Summer is here and the album is filled with perfect songs to listen to on a hot day with cocktails and friends or on a beach club until the early hours of the morning.

Highlights include the Black Motion-assisted single “Kota”, “Thinking About You,” the group’s reimagining of the popular Londonbeat single, “Saved By The Summer” and “Mountain Burning,” an instrumental track which closes off the album beautifully.

One thing is for sure, GOODLUCK has released another fantastic piece of work and will definitely be the soundtrack to many people’s summer around the country and the world.

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