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Review: Kerry Lee - Dans In Die Reen
2.5Overall Score

The Afrikaans pop scene at the moment is a very exciting space to watch lately. Unlike pop in other languages, Afrikaans pop music still heavily relies on simple beats, catchy choruses and simplicity to make it a hit. These days, however, many artists are pushing boundaries as they explore and add different elements to pop music and on her new album ‘Dans In Die Reen’, Kerry Lee has merged her love for pop and country as she finds her own voice.

The album has a great collection of songs which are beautifully written. The singer joined forces with the likes of Hugo Ludik and Reynardt Hugo from the pop group ADAM and Vaughan Gardiner who wrote some great songs for the album.

Kerry Lee made sure there is something for everyone on this record – young and old. Not only are there some foot-stomping country bangers like “Shut Up En Soen My,” but Kerry ensured that there are also some lovely ballads on the album such as “Werklik Myne Maak”.

However, Kerry Lee plays it safe with her debut album. The singer seems to be holding back vocally and sonically, the songs aren’t too different from the other country/pop tracks we’ve heard so far and, unfortunately, don’t help her stand out of the crowd. Despite this, Kerry has a lovely tone to her voice which gives us a glimpse to her ability. If you’re looking for country music with a subtle pop twist, this is an album for you.

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