Jesse Clegg recently released his brand new album ‘Things Unseen’ which spawned the hit singles ‘Use Me’ and ‘Breathing’ which featured vocals by Shekhinah. Now, as the singer continues with the album’s promotion, Jesse has chosen ‘Take You There’ as the third single off the album – and the track has already received a fantastic response.

‘Take You There’ is pop music at it’s best. Although it may not be as memorable as the first two singles, this song is a grower. The song is catchy and has an interesting mix of pop/rock sounds with subtle dance elements. Jesse, yet again, shows off his vocal ability and I love the way he uses them on the track – especially when he stretches them on the bridge. Lyrically, this is another fantastic piece of work and it’s where the song really shines. It sounds like the song came from a personal space. You can hear the emotions shining through the song and when a musician can master that, magic happens.

I do think, however, that Jesse played it a little too safe with this record. The song isn’t anything different and I’m afraid it will be swallowed up by all the other pop tracks dominating radio at the moment. Despite this, I am such a fan of Jesse and I really hope this is yet another successful single for the star. If you don’t have a copy of ‘Things Unseen’, make sure you get it today by heading to your nearest music store or favourite digital platform. You won’t be disappointed.

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