Cara Frew made headlines earlier this year when she announced her worldwide deal with Sony Music Africa and has been working hard on new music over the past few months. 2016 saw the singer release hit singles such as ‘Falling’ and ‘Invisible’ but this week, we finally got a new single from the star. The song is her first to be released under the major record label and this time around, Cara delivered a summery pop track with an edge.

As always, Cara blends her love for dance music with African elements and the result is the song of the summer we’ve been waiting for. Cara is taking her music seriously and the passion is heard in the quality of her music. Lyrically, the song is simple but packs a punch and Cara stretches her vocals higher than we’ve heard from her. Musically, the song shines. Not only are the dance elements in line with what commercial radio is eating up these days, but the heavy percussions and the way the song is crafted together has made this a unique track.

“I can’t wait for the release of ‘Only High With You’! I co-wrote it with U.K. hit songwriter Neil Ormandy in Los Angeles. This pop record with African influenced beats and sounds was written about a personal experience of mine where I was in a bad but addictive relationship… which I think is something that many people can relate to,” the singer says. While it’s unknown where the song fits in with her current strategy now that she has signed the deal with Sony Music Africa, it’s clear that this is the first taste of many more Cara Frew singles to come. Here’s hoping that 2017 sees either an EP or album release from the pop star. Remember to support local music by buying this song on iTunes today.

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