21-year-old Elandre Schwartz has been passionate about music and the music industry for many years. The star, who comes from Despatch in the Eastern Cape, has been working on his craft and performing at small venues for a while now, but little did he know that when he went into the Bok Radio 98.9 FM and Bok TV studios for a performance and interview on Monday morning, his life would change forever. During the interview, Elandre learned that he has been offered a record deal with one of the biggest Afrikaans labels in the country – Select Music.

The interview started like any other. Elandre has an interesting chat with Bok Radio’s breakfast hosts Wimpie van der Sandt en Le-Lue Roode and gave an acoustic performance of Bruce Springsteen’s “Tougher Than The Rest” and Josh Turner’s “Your Man” as well as an original track. However, little did Elandre know that inbetween these performances, his musical career would officially take flight.

Ernst Kleinhans from Select Music was on the line shortly after one of the star’s in-studio performances to break the news to the singer live. “I’m live on air officially offering you a recording contract with Select Music, a division of Sony Music Entertainment,” Ernst told the singer. “You deserve to be heard. You deserve to release a CD to show off your talent.”

Naturally, emotions ran wild after Ernst broke the news to Elandre. After a few tears, Elandre finally found the words to thank the record label for making his dream a reality. “You just changed my whole life and I hope you know that,” Elandre said. “I just want to say thank you. I don’t know what is waiting for me but I will always be thankful to you.” Elandre joins the record label which houses acts such as Kurt Darren, Andriette, Snotkop, Brendan Peyper and many more.

However, the surprises didn’t stop there. The folks at Bok Radio also revealed that they have booked the star for a series of local performances as well as a spot on the station’s upcoming cruise to Walvis Bay in Namibia in January 2017.

Elandre has been called one of the brightest young stars in the South African music industry and Select Music have promised that we can expect some big things from the singer.

Relive Elandre’s magical moment by watching the entire interview on YouTube below:

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