He’s come a long way since he burst onto the scene through Idols South Africa back in 2012. Soon after his exit from the show, Dominic formed a group called ‘The Illustrators’ who were responsible for hits such as ‘Young Kings’ and ‘What About Now?’. This year, however, Dominic’s solo career took off after lending his voice to the Joe Louis-assisted single ‘Better Day’ – a track which took local radio by storm. Now, the singer is excited to announce that he has officially signed to Universal Music South Africa.

The move to Universal Music South Africa isn’t a surprising one. The label released ‘Better Day’ earlier in the year and Dominic was already signed to the label as a songwriter. “I’ve been signed to Universal Publishing as a songwriter since May, but this deal represents me singing for the label side essentially joining the roster alongside Timo ODV, Ryki etc,” Dominic tells me. “It’s a massive feather in my cap and I’m just so happy to take another step in the right direction. There’s an understanding and they really show so much faith in me. A big big thank you to Nic, Neil and Kev for everything they have done for me. Universal feels like home.”

Although ‘Better Day’ is nearing the end of it’s run, Dominic is also featured on DJ Kent’s massive new single ‘Love You Still’. While both songs fall within the dance genre, they’re both incredibly different and Dominic plans to find a balance between the two sounds when he releases his debut EP next year. “My music will float between the sound on “Better Day” and “Love You Still”, that’s about as closely as I can describe it. Joe Louis will be producing some songs on the EP and I have the privilege of working with Jesse Porsches, an incredible producer who has worked with Flume in the past. I’m just really excited to make music that’s ready to hit radio and the charts, that’s the goal,” the star reveals.

Universal Music South Africa is known for cultivating new talent and making a success of artists they believe in. So, I have all the faith in the world that Dominic’s star is only just starting to shine. “I’m excited, which I feel like I’ve said about 1000 times in this interview but I’m looking forward to 2017,” the star expresses. Dominic is scheduled to hit the studio shortly which hopefully means we could have a new single from him early next year. Ever since he stepped foot into the industry, Dominic hasn’t been afraid to work hard. His determination is inspiring and I am so proud of him. He’s an incredible talent and I’m excited to see what he cooks up over the next few months. Congrats, Dom!

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