It’s been too long since we’ve has new music from local rockers CrashCarBurn but while we wait for some new music from the group, front-man Garth Barnes has teamed up with Laco and V-Way for a song that is so far out of his comfort zone. The song, titled ‘Wasted’, is an interesting mix of electronic, dance and hip-hop mixed together with Garth’s rock and roll attitude and hoarse vocal.

I’m all for experimentation and the trio have done just that, using different elements they’re comfortable in and mixing it up creating a sound that puts their craft to the best. From the first beat, it’s clear that the production is fire. Garth and V-Way are two totally different artists and I love that they have stuck to the sound they’re known for – despite how different creating the song is for them both.

“This is something completely different for me. I have had so much fun experimenting with a track that is just in another universe from where I normally play,” Garth says on the single while V-Way admits that “The minute I heard Laco’s beat I knew we had a smash. Two weeks later I’m in the studio with the guys and the song is sounding ridiculous! I can’t wait to see where ‘Wasted’ takes us.” The song is a breath of fresh air and there’s something very South African about it. This has the potential to become the summer’s biggest local hit. Congrats on an awesome collaboration, boys!

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