Earlier this year, Shortstraw announced that they won’t be releasing their upcoming album ‘Those Meddling Kids’ the traditional way. Instead, they would be releasing a new song on the first Friday of every month. The band has already released the hits ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ and ‘T-Shirt’ and this week, the group dropped their new single ‘Keep It In The Family’.

Unlike the first two singles, ‘Keep It In The Family’ came to life after the ‘Those Meddling Kids’ project launched – which is what makes this release unique. The song came to life during one of Tom Revington jam sessions. Once a melody was found, the band filled the song out with other instrumentals and lyrics. The chorus’ lyrics are inspired by Alastair Thomas’ partner Dan, who unfortunately grew up knowing very little about her father, other than the fact that he is Chilean and now lives somewhere in Chile. He gives a call out to this man, letting him know that he’s looking to start a family tree of his own, and is wanting his daughter to be a part of it.

The song is another fantastic song from the group who are solidifying their status as one of the best indie pop acts in South Africa with every release. This isn’t just an ordinary song to the band and you can hear the passion in the track. Vocally, Alister sounds incredible as he gives a high-energy performance while stretching his vocals on the song’s chorus and bridge. The song is catchy and has the Shortstraw swag we fell in love with all over the song. “The song became a strong and bold message about family, the relationship with your parents, and the start of thinking about a family of your own,” the band said of ‘Keep It In The Family’. The song is my favourite out of the three releases so far and it’s only made me even more excited for next month’s release. Remember to support local music and buy this song on iTunes today.

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