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Review: Gavin Edwards - Silver Skies
4.0Overall Score

After a gruelling first season of The Voice South Africa, Gavin Edwards found himself as the show’s runner-up and landed himself an exclusive deal with Universal Music South Africa. Shortly after the show came to an end, Gavin dropped his debut single ‘Sparks’ and now, his debut album ‘Silver Skies’ is here.

Gavin takes a pop approach on his debut album and it’s the best decision he could have made. “Sparks” is an incredibly catchy song and radio across the country, unsurprisingly, has been eating the single up. While predominately a pop album, Gavin blends elements of indie, folk and funk making this an interesting album sonically.

Coming from a reality show background, it’s obvious that Gavin has an incredible voice and on his debut album, the singer puts it on full display. Not only does he slay the up-tempo bangers but the ballads are exceptional as well. There are many layers to Gavin’s vocals and he shows off each layer effortlessly on each and every song. From hitting the high notes on the album’s title track to allowing his voice to steer the song like on “Riot” and his cover of A Great Big World’s “Say Something,” Gavin proves that he is a strong vocalist and has the potential to become one of the biggest pop stars in the country.

While a strong debut album, I would like to see more of Gavin on his next collection of songs. The singer, with direction from the label, didn’t write many of the songs on the album. While a calculated move, I would like to get a deeper understanding of the singer. That being said, however, the pressure to release an album while the hype from The Voice is still hot, would have made this impossible so it’s a move which makes sense.

Gavin has delivered one of the strongest local debut albums I have heard in a very long time. The production is fantastic, the songs are strong and Gavin sounds great. Gavin’s journey has been a long and turbulent one but it’s made him the musician that he has become – and now, it’s his time to shine.

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