I’m a big fan of both The Kiffness and Josh Wantie so, when I heard that the electronic group were joining forces with the formidable newcomer, I was very excited to see what the final product would sound like. Now, their exciting collaboration ‘Love Go Cold’ has officially been released and it’s something completely unexpected in the most beautiful way.

The song is an interesting mix of tropical house, jazz and pop and isn’t the banger you would expect from The Kiffness. While the production is flawless (the trumpets are everything!), it’s Josh’s vocals which really take centre stage – something which can only be done with a fantastic vocalist. The song is interesting because it blends the sounds both acts have become famous for in the most artistic way. Lyrically, the song is beautifully crafted and although a bit repetitive, the story is something that I’m sure many people can relate to.

“I’m incredibly excited about this colab with Josh, not only because it’s a great song but because it’s very different to any other single we’ve released in the past. Most of our previous singles have been quite upbeat & happy, but this song has a slightly more sombre undertone that will show fans a different side to what we can do,” The Kiffness’ David Scott says on the song. Vocalist Josh Wantie adds that “Some tracks take a lot of time and work to create, and some just happen naturally in a cool and quick way – Love Go Cold was like that for me. It can feel like it was already written in your head. Working with Dave was a pleasure and a relationship that will definitely produce a lot more cool stuff in the future.”

The song is a banger and stands proud amongst the many other local dance tracks out right now. I hope the song becomes super successful because it’s a brilliant piece of music and just proves how talented both The Kiffness and Josh really are. Remember to support local music by buying this song on iTunes now.

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