His debut, self-titled, solo album literally took the album by storm. The record flew off shelves, made an impact on iTunes and won a few awards and after closing that chapter earlier this year, Francois Van Coke has announced that his highly anticipated follow-up album ‘Hierdie Is Die Lewe’ will drop everywhere on the 2nd of February 2017! However, as he prepares for the album’s release, Francois dropped the record’s lead single ‘Mensdom’ today – and I’m so excited about it!

The song sees Francois blend the indie, pop, rock and electronic elements that were evident throughout his debut album and it’s a place where he completely shines. The song has a catchy melodic chorus and is another track which sees the star pushing boundaries. The song has an old-school sound to it and is something a little different from the singer. “I’ve been listening to older pop tunes by Beach Boys and The Beatles and their influences can be heard on my album’s melodies and sound. There are still a few rock ‘n roll numbers and some ballads,” says Francois.“We all have one thing in common – we live, even if everything else is different. This song is about life and living with victories as well as mistakes. It is a grungy blues sing-along song about being human.”

The song shows Francois’ natural musical progression and says it is a snapshot of where he is in his life right now – which should be interesting since he became a dad only a few days ago. The song and video also introduces Francois’ new band ‘Die Gevaar’ which will play alongside him as he promotes this album. The song has made me excited for the new Francois Van Coke era and I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve. The album is now available for pre-order on iTunes and with it, you’ll get ‘Mensdom’ instantly.

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