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Review: Kings of Leon - Walls
3.0Overall Score

They’re one of the most exciting rock acts on the music scene at the moment and three years after releasing their previous record “Mechanical Bull”, Kings of Leon are back with their seventh studio album “Walls.”

Kings of Leon have perfected their craft. Not only do they deliver yet another great collection of songs, but the band has given their audiences exactly the album they want – one that is reminiscent of their older material.

The instrumentals on the album are something that really stand out. Kings of Leon are incredible musicians and the group shut down any haters with solid proof on this record. The group seem to have let down their guard when recording this album, let loose a bit and just had fun. This time around, Kings of Leon have delivered their most commercial sound in years . The band seems to be heavily inspired by U2 on this record as they blend the band’s soft rock feel with their signature light Southern rock elements. Vocally, the group are still on top of their game and have some sure-fire radio hits on this collection.

However, I can’t help but feel that the group has taken a step backwards with this record. While it’s undoubtedly a good album, the group has stayed in their comfort zone, mimicking the sound they had with their 2008 release ‘Only By The Night’ which spawned their smash hit ‘Sex On Fire’. However, “Walls” doesn’t have a stadium-sized anthem that has the power to take over radio like the There is nothing new on this album which makes the band come across incredibly uninspired.

“Walls” is an album for the Kings of Leon fan – not one which will bring in new fans. The group is making music they love and, after a three year break, it’s great to finally be jamming to new music from the group.

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