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Review: Ricus Nel - Ouskool Boerseun
3.5Overall Score

He has become one of the biggest names in Afrikaans music thanks to his impressive country music repertoire and Ricus Nel is back with his fourth studio album ‘Ouskool Boerseun’. The record includes the hit singles ‘Hardekole’ and ‘Een Tree’ and has already sold over 15 000 copies in South Africa – giving it gold status.

From the very first song, it’s clear that this is a very personal album for Ricus. The star sings about his experiences as both a child and adult and it’s always a beautiful thing when artists are able to bring aspects of their personal life into their music. Lyrically, Ricus has done a brilliant job and has crafted some great country tracks.

What’s a country album without some epic instrumentals? Ricus has made sure that this aspect of the album is flawless. The record is driven by strong guitar melodies, drums, some ukulele and even a guitar solo or two. The album has been crafted beautifully and it’s clear that a whole lot of planning and effort went into creating the ultimate country record.

Vocally, Ricus sounds better than ever. His deep vocals are deep, powerful and full of emotion and his talent really shows when he sings in the genre he is most passionate about. Like fine whiskey, Ricus seems to get better with age and it’s no surprise that he has such a large fanbase.

What’s an Afrikaans country album without a medley celebrating one of the greats? Ricus does an acoustic medley of his favourite Don Williams songs including ‘I Recall A Gypsy Woman’, ‘Amanda’ and ‘Some Broken Hearts’. While there’s a part of me that likes this, a bigger part can’t help but feel that this is overdone.

Furthermore, I can’t help but feel that Ricus has done all of this before. The singer seems to stay in his comfort zone and give audiences exactly what they expect. While this does make business sense, I would have liked to see a little more experimentation from Ricus on this record. Despite this, ‘Ouskool Boerseun’ is another fantastic piece of work from Ricus Nel. If you’re a fan, you’ll definitely have this album on repeat for a very long time.

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