I’ve got some good news for fans of Sarah Graham’s hit TV show Food Safari. The folks at M-Net have greenlit the show for a second season and will screen it during a prime time slot on Mondays at 18h00 when it premieres on the 9th of Janurary 2017. This time, the intrepid outdoor cook will be traveling to 15 epic locations on a unique bush and beach journey through Mozambique and the Kruger National Park.

”Season 2 of Sarah Graham’s Food Safari will launch during the time of year when families are easing into a new year and looking for laid-back entertainment”, says Lani Lombard – M-Net’s Head of Publicity. “Furthermore, the timing of the production coincides with the sultry, summer season and celebrates the best of food, family, travel and wide open spaces. Viewers can look forward to another visual feast!”

The first season of the show premiered last year to rave reviews as it showcased some of Africa’s most interesting and exciting food through the eyes of cookbook author and passionate foodie, Sarah Graham. Having grown up on a small game reserve in Zimbabwe, Sarah’s passion for food combines with a deep love for wildlife and nature, which in Season 1 saw her cooking and traveling her way across Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa in a 10-part series that featured 31 breath-taking locations.

However, although the second season of Sarah’s Food Safari will showcase some exquisite African cuisine, we will also be getting an inside look at Sarah’s personal food story as she travels with her mobile kitchen from the endless beaches and warm azure seas of Mozambique’s coastline to the bustling and fragrant chaos of Maputo, before she heads back into South Africa through the lush coastal forest of St Lucia Bay and finally into the world famous wildlife preserves of the Kruger National Park.

The journey to film Sarah Graham’s Food Safari started earlier this month when Sarah started her culinary journey in Cape Town. Alongside her crew of 19 (and over 120kg of camera equipment), the crew have 32 days to complete the food safari which will see them trek over 6656 km to the seaside towns of Tofo, Maputo, and Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique; before heading back into South Africa to film at various off-the-beaten-track bush-veld gems in the Kruger National Park that are also home to ground-breaking conservation and wildlife rehabilitation initiatives.

Okuhle Media’s Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer Louise McClelland says that “Together with Sarah, we’re proud to partner with M-Net on this original, home-grown TV Series, which, via our global distribution partners, has resonated with audiences around the world in territories that include the USA, Canada, Europe, India and the Middle East.”

The show premieres on M-Net from Monday, 9 January 2017 at 18:00 and will be rescreened on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 11:30. It will also be screened on M-Net Family on Saturdays at 19:30.

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