He’s been under the radar for the past few months as he works on his highly anticipated sophomore album. Although dropping ‘Fight’, a track which will appear on the singer’s upcoming record, earlier this year, it’s the official lead single which has made South Africa excited about a new Michael Lowman album.

Much like his hit single ‘Girls Saves Boy’, Michael delivers another strong pop offering as he released ‘Mixtape’ late last month. Michael wrote the song towards the end of 2015 and was a song that was created quite quickly and organically. “MixTape is, without a doubt, firmly routed in 80s Pop Music inspiration. I’m a sucker for great melody, crystal synth lines and huge reverb. I wanted to write a big Pop song containing all these elements. It came together perfectly,” Michael admits. However, he knew something was missing – a female vocal. So, he approached popstar Karlien Van Jaarsveld, played her the song and she agreed to lend her vocals to the song.

“I am honoured that Michael asked me to do vocals on the song. When I first heard the song, I was blown away. It took me back to a time when young boys and girls ran carefree, ruling the world with wild hearts, and I knew I had to get involved,” Karlien said of the song. “Michael is extremely talented and professional, so it was an absolute pleasure working with him.”

The feeling was definitely mutual as Michael tells me that working with Karlien was a dream come true. “Karlien is the most genuine girl I’ve met in this industry. She’s smart, beautiful, humble and a total rockstar,” he says. “Having her on the new single was the best decision I could have made. She’s shown me that you can be incredibly successful as a female artist, and still keep your cool. Unlike many ‘divas’ in this industry, she knows that’s it’s all about the music.”

Michael adds that working with Karlien is one of the highlights of his musical career so far. “She’s all about pushing musical boundaries in her own environment. I’m so excited for what’s to come from her over the next few years,” he adds. “Afrikaans music has their very own Gwen Stefani and they don’t even know it… yet.”

Michael and Karlien’s ‘Mixtape’ is playing on radio stations across the country and has already started charting on some stations. The song is available to download off your favourite digital platform today. Support local music and get the song today!

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