There’s a new African artist making waves on the international music front. Bantu is a Zimbabwe-born Los Angeles-based producer who has just released his debut single ‘Holiday’ – and it’s taking the world by storm. The song has already gained a ton of international attraction and is set to become a massive dance hit in the coming months.

African elements are becoming more prominent in music worldwide and Bantu effortlessly blends these sounds into a catchy dance track with tons of commercial appeal. The advantage Bantu has is that he has a deeper understanding of these sounds and what they mean while understanding how to place them into dance music. The song is vibrant, colourful and full-bodied and although you can hear hints of Major Lazer in the track, the truth is that the song and Bantu’s overall sound is something fresh and unique.

The producer has just released the track’s music video which tells a love story with a twist. Much like the song, the video is inspired by his African roots and tells a heart-warming tale of two lovers. “In Africa, ‘holiday’ means vacation and that’s where this story starts off, in paradise,” Bantu says. “We all know what love looks like when things are going well, but I wanted to show a different reality. I wanted to tell an African story of what love might look like through the lens of a couple in a war-stricken country. The highs, the lows, the obstacles and the challenges.” The song is available everywhere now. Make sure you support the star by buying or streaming the song on your favourite digital platform today.

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