Local crooner, Michael Lowman’s new single ‘Mixtape’ is quickly climbing charts around the country and as the single’s success grows on a daily basis, the singer is putting the final touches on his highly-anticipated upcoming album ‘PopRadio’. The album is expected to drop in March 2017 and the singer has called the record his best piece of work to date.

The album will, naturally, include the star’s new hit single as well as the previously released track ‘Fight’ alongside his new collection of tracks and some exciting collaborations. As the album title suggests, ‘PopRadio’ sees the star taking a more commercial approach to music as he explores the pop genre while staying true to the Michael Lowman sound we have fallen in love with.

“The name ‘PopRadio’ kinda just happened. I’m not sure if it was a conscious decision on my part, but it always felt right,” Michael admits. “I remember, a few weeks into recording the album, I would always try and explain the album concept as an experimentation with different musical genres: different forms of pop music. I wanted to write songs that would feel at home on their respective genre-specific radio stations. The album is a ‘PopRadio’ playlist.”

Michael’s plan this time around is to make music that not only speaks to the soul, but it also played on the country’s biggest commercial radio stations. He’s making music for the masses and appealing to those who are fans of pop radio. “I’m taking you on a journey. I want you to know by the end of the album that I’m not just another kid with a guitar. I’m not here for an amusing year or two. I’m not your hit-it-and-quit-it, fad-inspired boy band. I’m fully aware of my underdog status, but that just means I’m going to fight harder. I’m not taking the bullshit any longer. I’m in this for life. I’m going to grow as I go and I hope you all tag along for the ride. ”

As Michael puts the finishing touches on the album, you can support the star by buying his brand new single ‘Mixtape’ with Karlien Van Jaarsveld on all digital platforms now. The song is quickly climbing up charts around the country and it’s proven that South Africa is ready for this new Michael Lowman era. Bring on, ‘PopRadio’!

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