Michael Lowman’s new collaboration with Afrikaans pop star Karlien Van Jaarsveld, ‘Mixtape’, is taking the country by storm. However, it’s not the only collaboration the star has planned for his upcoming sophomore album ‘PopRadio’ when it drops everywhere in March 2017. The singer tells me exclusively that rappers Ross Jack and Khuli Chana and vocalist Lelo will make an appearance on the record.

“With ‘PopRadio’, I wanted to surround myself with musicians that inspire me. Karlien is one of them. I am also incredibly grateful to have had a good friend of mine – Khuli Chana – lend his bravado and passion to a blues inspired hip-hop track that I wrote. It is FIRE,” Michael says. “Another inspiring musician who I am lucky enough to call a friend, is Ross Jack. I wrote a moody, synth driven hip-hop track just so that we could fulfil a drunken proclamation we made a year ago in Cape Town. The track is up there as one of my favourites on the album, for sure. I also wrote an uptempo drum and bass tune that features an incredible vocal performance from Lelo; the soul singer who laid backing vocals for the album. You’re going to love that track!”

Each of the featured vocalists add such a different element to the overall sound of the album making ‘PopRadio’ an interesting album to listen to. However, while the album has a list of incredible musicians joining the star, the collaboration Michael is most excited about is that of his girlfriend Daisy May. “I had my beautiful, goddess of a girlfriend, Daisy May, write and speak some lyrics on one of the more musically light-hearted songs on the album. It was so much fun putting her on the mic,” Michael says adding that Daisy sounds a lot like Lana Del Rey on the record.

As previously mentioned, ‘PopRadio’ is Michael’s most creative record yet so it’s no wonder he collaborated with such a different collection of artists. Judging by his collaboration with Karlien, Michael has an unpredictable trick or two up his sleeve this time around. I’ve had a sneak peek at the tracks off the album and I can honestly say that the wait will totally be worth it!

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