Local electronic duo, Goldfish, are at it again! The group have just released the lead single off their new upcoming album ‘Tipping The Scales’ – and it’s a yet another banger from the group. The track, titled ‘Deep of The Night’ features the beautiful, soulful vocal of local indie group Diamond Thug and is something a little different from the group.

The tracks kicks off with a funky guitar riff before elements of the the group’s signature deep house sound enter the song. The song has a major tropical feel to it and is an interesting mix of dance, pop and indie elements. I love how Diamond Thug have remained true to their sound and continue with their moody, emotional sound while Goldfish give the song a commercial appeal with their effortless production. Although it’s disappointing that the group decided to ditch the saxophone on this record, their new sound is effortless, current and the perfect summer hit.

The group have recently signed a contract with international dance label Armada Music and are excited to partner with the group for their upcoming fifth studio album. “We are really excited to be working with the team at Armada. They share the same passion and belief in the continuing Goldfish success story as we do,” the group said shortly after signing with the label. “We are proud to be releasing our fifth album with one of Dance Music’s most prestigious labels.” This is yet another exciting release from Goldfish and we’re super excited to hear what they have in store on their new album.

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